underbara du.
rachel, 24, beach bum, yoga teacher, island girl. i think... there is always two sides to every story (sometimes three or four, but that usually means there is tequila involved). as to life. it's not black or white, it's black and white and hopefully pink and sparkly inbetween... you can teach yoga and still love to party. meditate and ignore your spending problems. be vegan and eat too much chocolate. have a swedish passport and live in the caribbean. you can do anything, as long as its you.

the beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul.
underbara du -
wonderful, you.
Kisses from Lahaina! 

#loveyou #everydamnday  (at Pacific Ocean)
  1. Kisses from Lahaina!

    #loveyou #everydamnday (at Pacific Ocean)

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  1. yogahippie13 said: Can’t wait to give you your yoga charm bracelet that I made you! You’re gonna love it!!! I hope hehehe <3
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