underbara du.
rachel, 24, beach bum, yoga teacher, island girl. i think... there is always two sides to every story (sometimes three or four, but that usually means there is tequila involved). as to life. it's not black or white, it's black and white and hopefully pink and sparkly inbetween... you can teach yoga and still love to party. meditate and ignore your spending problems. be vegan and eat too much chocolate. have a swedish passport and live in the caribbean. you can do anything, as long as its you.

the beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul.
underbara du -
wonderful, you.
underbara du.
Nature’s cotton candy! Got the big plant tour of the permaculture farm today with the retreat group led by my big brother @joshwendel 🌱❤️🌱 Such an abundance of fruits and greens and medicinal herbs. This is guava (Costa Rican guava!) and it’s just heaven. My second favorite fruit from around here after the mamonchino. Nom, nom, nom… 

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Had such a powerful cacao ceremony last night… Meditating chanting singing crying laughing crying crying crying with the chocolate. All of us together. If it’s one thing yoga teaches us it’s that we are all ONE. I feel it all and today I’m grateful for both love and pain.

Ringo’s face embodies my feelings right now. Smiling so big his eyes are closed😍 

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Wild thing. Wild heart. Wild spirit. Wild world.

We are here for a reason. Don’t doubt it. Live your purpose… Wildly.

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Windows of opportunity are all around. Keep your eyes open!

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Windows of opportunity are all around. Keep your eyes!

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Cuddles with @ringo_thegringo ❤️💜💙 

Tough a balance practice this morning, now off on a boat tour to see some dolphins and relax at a private beach. Tonight we are doing a chocolate ceremony and an evening if silence. This is a beautiful retreat week! Feeling very blessed.

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We are all sacred beings of divine, glistening light. Remember this as you walk down the sunset of our earthy life. This light emanates from you. This light lies within you. In fact; you are the light. You are light, having an earthly experience. 

So what is there to worry about, really?
Smile. Everything is going to be ok.

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GUYS! Today is the last day to enter the sweepstakes for the Pura Vida Getaway in Costa Rica! Join me, @freepeople and @jetblue for a yoga retreat of a lifetime - and it’s all for FREE! Everything from flights to food to surf to yoga to our beautiful accommodations is taken care of. I’ve been dreaming of offering these magical journeys to people that normally couldn’t afford to go… So go sign up and maybe I’ll see you in Paradise next month!❤️

Link to sign up is on my Facebook Page; www.facebook.com/rachelsyoga ☀️love you all. Good luck! 

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Twist. Wring it out. We have a collective responsibility to let go of the things that weigh us down. Every time we release something, every time we make space in our hearts for love to enter… The whole universe sighs with relief. We are all connected. We are all one. Let go, be light, be love.

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