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rachel, 24, beach bum, yoga teacher, island girl. i think... there is always two sides to every story (sometimes three or four, but that usually means there is tequila involved). as to life. it's not black or white, it's black and white and hopefully pink and sparkly inbetween... you can teach yoga and still love to party. meditate and ignore your spending problems. be vegan and eat too much chocolate. have a swedish passport and live in the caribbean. you can do anything, as long as its you.

the beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul.
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wonderful, you.
underbara du.
Tomorrow is Day 9 of the #yogagirlchallenge and the theme is True Forgiveness. 

Holding on to grudges weighs us down and puts us in a victimized space. It’s like telling the universe “things should have been different” or “he/she shouldn’t have treated me that way” and saying this is saying we don’t trust in the greater good of the universe. Not trusting the greater good of the universe means we are always going to fight for control and that is a lost battle the second we start out. Fact of the matter is; we have no control. We can spend our entire lives trying to orchestrate things to fit into a little box labeled “the world as I want it” but at one point or another that box is going to get ripped open by death and loss and pain and divorce and disease and a million other things that at some point or another is going to come our way whether we want it or not. Not trusting in the universe means not trusting in life. It means not trusting in ourselves. How are we ever going to create a beautiful place for ourselves when we don’t trust our own abilities or even the world we live in?

Here is a truth for you: if you want to be happy, you have no other choice than to believe that it’s going to take you where you need to go. Believing in the universe means believing that all things come with a higher purpose, even the hurtful stuff. Believing gives us the ability to forgive. 

We all have someone we need to forgive. Something we need to simply let go of. It could be a family member that’s did us wrong in the past or a friend that made a hurtful remark. Sometimes the person we need to forgive the most is no one other than ourselves.

Everyone does their absolute best with what they’ve got. Everyone. Even your parents. No matter what happened to you when you were little, everyone involved did the best they could with what they had. If they could have done better they would have. True Forgiveness comes from you - you don’t need to hear an “I’m sorry” to let go and move on. So look deeply into your heart and forgive. Forgive the world. Forgive yourself. It will set you free.

Tomorrow, share a post on forgiveness. Don’t forget to tag @yoga_girl and #yogagirlchallenge💕
Lovelies! Just finished a super fun shoot in the streets of NYC (my feet and hands are black👽) and soon we are taking a class with @katfowleryoga at Yoga Vida Union Square, 7.30pm. Didn’t book a spot but hope we can squeeze in! Maybe we’ll see you there☺️✨💕 xoxo #yoga #nyc #love  (at Madison Square Garden)
It’s a beautiful day in NYC and I find myself walking around town thinking about the today’s theme for the #yogagirlchallenge ——Dreams. There is something happening in the universe right now that makes everything move extremely fast. I used to have an idea, or the seed of an idea, and after lots of time, conscious planning and believing eventually that seed would evolve into a dream. If I worked on it hard enough, that dream would in turn blossom into a flower of magic. The process of manifestation! Now, that space between realizing I actually have a dream to that dream manifesting right in from of my eyes is much, much smaller. Things are moving fast. Real fast.

A few days ago I was scrolling through a very popular woman’s magazine and the thought hit me: why isn’t there space in here for real, raw, inner inspiration? Why is it all models and weight loss tips and product that make your eyelashes longer? So many people read these magazines. It’s so powerful. What if there was even just a tiny component of something absolutely real and magical? “I should have a column in here” I thought. “I would rock the socks off this mag if I did.”

It was just a thought, the beginning of a small seed of a dream. Yesterday, all of a sudden, I found myself in a meeting with Condé Nast - the giant mass media conglomerate that own and run Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour, Self, Vanity Fair, Allure Magazine and more. One of those magazines was the one I had in my hand just a few days earlier. The meeting was inspiring, real and full of potential. They asked us: “What do you want to do?” and we said “We want to make a difference” and they said “Ok. Let’s get started” and this is how things work.

The world IS going in the right direction and we have the power to manifest so many good things. Quickly! I will keep you posted on our collaboration but whatever this seed blossoms into it’s going to be real and true and good. You have so much power. So much. Use it! What are you dreaming of? Plant that damn seed and watch the magic unfold!

I dream of changing the world through inner transformation and outer inspiration. 

We’ve only just begun.
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Can you tell that we’re related??😊I think @ringo_thegringo is too handsome for his own good… We keep getting stopped walking down the street. Everybody wants a cuddle!😍💕😘☺️ 

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Grateful for this life. For you. For my abilities to create magic. Sharing a big blog of gratitude later tonight so feel free to check in at blogg.amelia.se/yogagirl.

Tomorrow is Day 8 of the #yogagirlchallenge ! Today we gave thanks for all of our blessings in life and tomorrow it’s time to ride off this grateful energy and start to make all of our dreams come true. The theme is Manifesting Dreams and that’s exactly what I have in store for us. We have already established that the first step when it comes to manifesting our dreams is being grateful. The second step? Defining what it is that you want to create! The universe is wise but it can only take direct intention. Are you torn between the kind of life you actually want and the life you’re living right now? We have amazingly creative ideas and dream about starting up our own company but we are comfortable at our current job and scared to quit. We want to be in a relationship but we enjoy the independence of being single. We want to travel the world but love being close to our family and friends. All of these things, the duality of our perception and our feelings, is totally normal and absolutely ok. But not defining exactly what it is that we want means we are constantly sending out mixed vibrations to the world and we will have a hard time finding our path! Once you firmly establish what it is that you want and start focusing all of your energy and thoughts on it, sudden doors of possibility will start to open all around you. The universe wants to give you everything you need. It’s your job to express exactly what that entails! 

For tomorrow’s challenge theme I want you to take that first step towards making your dreams happen. What do you want in life? Think BIG. Meditate on it and bring it forth. Start focusing all of your attention on your deepest, wildest dreams. Make a vision board. Write it down. Tell the world! Start taking active steps towards realizing your dream. Before you know it, the entire world you live in will start to align for all of these things to come your way. 

Tomorrow, share a picture related to your dreams and wishes. Don’t forget to tag @yoga_girl and #yogagirlchallenge 😍😍
Complete surrender. I let @marahoffman unleash her creative spirit on me today and magic happened💕✨🙏

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What lifts you?

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Love. It’s everywhere! 

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This is my “I’m in New York and having the best day EVER”-face! We are being such tourists I feel like we need to get giant foam fingers and Statue of Liberty caps and walk around with a special tripod for our selfies😄🙈😂

Taking a class at @houseofjai with @beebosnak tonight at 7.45pm! Join us! Just don’t steal our spots and please don’t interrupt me in Savasana😁💙

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You guys are just BADASS!!!! I’m going to to to every single place you recommended (or, I’ll do my best☺️).What you’re looking at here is mashed avocado on organic toast with cumin salt, red pepper flakes and a squeeze of lemon, chia seed pudding made with coconut milk topped with a raspberry coulis, a cup of organic berries, watermelon/cucumber juice and the biggest almond milk cappuccino I have ever had in my entire life. HOW DELICIOUS IS THIS??? I’m so happy. And so full. And not having dessert but herbal tea instead. Final edits on my book now (Swedish edition) then more NYC love!

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